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For Star Wars : The Old Republic - API’s and Data Feeds
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API’s and Data Feeds

The forSWOR server status widget can also be accessed via API’s, allowing you to use the status data for a specific server (or all servers) in you own widgets and sites.

Why provide APi’s?
We provide these API’s to maximise the flexibility of the tools we provide.

Please read the forSWOR usage terms and conditions

API’s Provided

  • JavaScript data feed
  • RSS News Feed
  • XML Data Feed
  • JSON Data Feed

URL Supported Parameters
By default calling a data feed will provide a summary for all SWTOR servers. Refining the search via the following URL parameters will allow you to refine the data further.

Parameter Value Purpose API Support
server URL Safe String Filters the returned data to the specified server name All API’s


The above example would fetch and XML feed for the Rogue Moon server.

Data Field Definitions
The above API’s all provide access to a standard set of data fields:

Field Value Purpose API Support
server_state “UP” or “Down” Indicates the current state of the server. All API’s
server_name [string] The full name of the server. All API’s
server_desc [string] The server type. Format: [region] [server type] All except RSS
server_load_txt “Offline”, “None”,”Light”, “Standard”, “Heavy”, “Very Heavy” or “Full” Text describing the current load (population) of the server. All API’s
stats_domains [integer] Number of domains/sites that use the plugin/API’s All API’s
stats_hits [integer] Number of hits from the plugin/API’s All API’s

JavaScript API
The JavaScript API can be accessed via the following URL.

The API is design to be inserted into an HTML page using the <script tag>:



This will insert JavaScript code similar to the below into the page.

var forswor_server_state = "UP"; //>>> Server State - Used to select image
var forswor_server_name = "All Servers"; //>>> Server Name
var forswor_server_desc = "215 servers"; //>>> Server Description
var forswor_server_load_txt = "Standard"; //>>> Server Load Text
var forswor_stats_domains = 24; //>>> Domains/Sites using this tool
var forswor_stats_hits = 24485; //>>> Number of displays of this tool
// Color id vars
// Valid Values - getSWTORStatus_off / getSWTORStatus_none / getSWTORStatus_standard / getSWTORStatus_high / getSWTORStatus_veryhigh / getSWTORStatus_full // Use getSWTORStatus_NA to use the base value (i.e. its not defined and therefore no further formating is applied).
var forswor_load_id = "getSWTORStatus_standard"; //>>> Style ID for color (Line 2)
var forswor_spec_id = "getSWTORStatus_NA"; //>>> Style ID for color (Line 3)

You can then use the JavaScript variables declared above in you own code.

RSS Feed
The data feed can be retrieved as an RSS data stream using the following URL.

The API call returns RSS data in the following format:

<rss version="2.0">
        <title>forSWOR Server Status</title>
        <description>Provides the status of one or all Star Wars: The Old Republic game servers.</description>
        <pubDate>Fri, 20 Jan 2012 21:30:46 +0000</pubDate>
                <title>All Servers (up)</title>
                <description>Current load is "Standard".</description>
                <guid isPermaLink="false">All+Servers</guid>
                <pubDate>Fri, 20 Jan 2012 21:30:46 +0000</pubDate>
                <title>Feed Statistics</title>
                <description>24 sites have used this feed over 24479 times.</description>
                <guid isPermaLink="false">forswor_stats</guid>
                <pubDate>Fri, 20 Jan 2012 21:30:46 +0000</pubDate>


XML Feed
The data feed can be retrieved as an XMLdata stream using the following URL.

The API call returns XMLdata in the following format:

	<!-- *** Explanation
		server_name >>> Server Name
		server_desc >>> Server Description
		server_load_txt >>> Server Load Text
		stats_domains >>> Domains/Sites using this tool
		stats_hits >>> Number of displays of this tool

    <pubDate>Fri, 20 Jan 2012 21:30:54 +0000</pubDate>
	<server_name><![CDATA[All Servers]]></server_name>
	<server_desc><![CDATA[215 servers]]></server_desc>

The data feed can be retrieved as an JSON data stream using the following URL.

The API call returns JSON data in the following format:


    "pubDate":"Fri, 20 Jan 2012 20:47:19 +0000",
	"server_name":"All Servers",
	"server_desc":"215 servers",

5 Responses

    • It’s pretty much as described. The include code above, inserts a set of variables into your web page (for example forswor_server_load_txt). This can then be used in your JavaScript as you wish for example:

      alert(forswor_server_load_txt); ->> would show an alert with the server name in it.

      To provide any more would be like providing a JavaScript tutorial. There are better JavaScript tutorial out on the web than I could provide. For example .

  1. avatar Ninetail

    So how would I go about using JavaScript API for example? Think it would be sweet to do a sort of “dummy guide” for people as well. I mean you cant just paste in the part, you need the rest of the codeknowledge to pull out the information as well? c”,)

  2. Hi,

    If your unsure on how to use the JavaScript I would use the designer page ( ). This will give you HTML code you can paste straight into you web page without the need for programming knowledge.